Writing Ourselves Home

is a slow and gentle 9-month process, to reconnect with our hearts, and root our lives back inside them. Through reading and writing poems, we use a gentle process to listen to, and hear, our hearts' whispers and shouts; support them to open; and, begin leaning into their stories, wisdom and guidance.

The idea of "mind over matter" and our over-education in rational and logical thinking, means we often ignore our hearts, shut them off or over-ride their voice. We may be living outside, and away from, our hearts without realising it.

I work from the knowing that writing is the act of listening to one's self. Throughout our journey, we use writing and reading poetry, as a way to listen deeply to our hearts; and then carve a path back home to them, and ultimately back home to ourselves.

We connect with our bodies: writing with them, and from them, to discover and express the stories and truths within us. We craft these into poems, using a range of poetic forms. We use different creative and writing exercises to do so.

This course offers the dual focus of: writing as heart expression and learning to work with poetic form and structure. It demystifies poetry forms and supports you to remove any fears or blocks, you might have around working with them. The course takes place entirely online, so people from all over the world are invited to join.

You do not need any previous writing experience, only the desire to explore, learn, write, and the commitment to make the journey back home to yourself.

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This course is designed as a journey: each month, we will build on the work done during the previous months. Another key aspect of this course, is working and journeying together in community. While we will be writing and creating individually, we will be doing so in community with other writers.

Because of this, it is important to ensure that you can make all (or most) of the live class dates. 

Protea Package

— pay monthly —

ZAR 2,500 per month, for 9 months. Paid monthly

2 live online classes, reading pack, writing pack, and monthly playlist. Lifetime access to all recordings.

by signing up, you are committing to all 9 payments. please purchase mindfully, as no refunds will be given.

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Dahlia Package 

— pay-in-full upfront —

ZAR 22,500 includes all in the Protea Package 

PLUS 2 x 1-hour individual feedback sessions on your poems

there are only two Dahlia Packages available.

UPDATE: there is only one Dahlia Package remaining

please purchase mindfully, as no refunds will be given.

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