What I'm Doing Now

(this is a now page – a  movement started by Derek Sivers)

Updated September 28th, 2022 from Cape Town, South Africa

Writing A Speculative Fiction Trilogy in Poetic Verse

This is my big creative goal and focus right now, and I absolutely love it. I am creating new poetry forms based on Cape Jazz music rhythms; world-building; character development and figuring out all the details of this multi-world, multi-book narrative. My inner geek/inner child is so utterly happy when I am lost in writing and working on the book. For a taste, you can read two poems from the book in Poetry Magazinelisten to my interview with Esther Belin on the Poetry Magazine Podcast.

Teaching Poetry Courses - online and in person

This year I launched two poetry courses for adults, for the first time in 8 years. Writing Ourselves Home is a 9-month online poetry course, and ____ in bloom is a 4-week, in -person nature-based course. In January 2023, I am running a new online poetry course, The Writer's Oasis, for the first time; develop a daily writing practice through slow & gentle consistency: 30 mins writing per day for 30 days. I love sharing the magic of writing, and especially poetry, with other people.

Taking a break from performances and live readings

Earlier this year, I decided to take an indefinite break from performing and doing live readings of any kind. My body asked for rest, so I listened. Until further notice, I am not doing any performances, readings or talks of any kind.

Slow | Simple | Ease

I am slowing down, simplifying and living with more ease. This means: I am doing less, to create more space and time for the people I love, the things I enjoy, and more rest. Being present: less time on my phone and more time actually being in the room. Saying Yes! to what I love, desire and dream of.