What I'm Doing Now

(this is a now page – a  movement started by Derek Sivers)

Updated July 28, 2023 from Diani Beach, Kenya

Writing A Speculative Fiction Trilogy in Poetic Verse

This is my big creative goal and focus right now, and I absolutely love it. I am creating new poetry forms based on Cape Jazz music rhythms; world-building; character development and figuring out all the details of this multi-world, multi-book narrative. My inner geek/inner child is so utterly happy when I am lost in writing and working on the book. For a taste, you can read two poems from the book in Poetry Magazinelisten to my interview with Esther Belin on the Poetry Magazine Podcast.

Teaching Poetry & Writing Courses

I run four poetry courses, three online and one in-person.
____ in bloom is a 4-week nature-based course that takes place in spring each year. The focus is on rest & grounding through poems and time with the earth. A way to release the old year and prepare for the new one.

The Writer's Oasis takes place in February each year. Develop a daily writing practice through slow, gentle consistency.  This is an online course: 30 mins per day for 30 days. It is for anyone writing in any genre.

Writing Ourselves Home is a 9-month online poetry course. It runs from March to November. Through reading and writing poetry, we make a slow and intentional journey back to the home of our hearts. This course has the dual focus of writing as heart expression and learning poetic craft, technique and structure.

Words in Womb Rhythm
is a 13-week online course, that supports women to align their writing and creative practice with their menstrual cycle. Our womb's menstrual cycle is our innate rhythm, when we live and create in harmony with it, we improve all aspects of our lives.

I am still open to doing once-off workshops for universities, schools, or other groups, so do get in touch if you would like to work with me in this way.

1-2-1 Creative Mentorship

I offer 1-2-1 creative mentorship to writers, who are working on a particular book or writing project. I work with writers for a minimum of 6 months, usually from March to August each year. I offer support around the emotional & spiritual aspects of the creative journey, as well as the practical & craft aspects of your writing project. The format is 1 x 90-minute creative session & 1 x 60-minute mentorship session each month. In addition, there may be individualised writing/creative exercises and other resources, depending on your specific needs. I have slots for three writers in 2024. If you would like to know more, email me: mail@tonistuart.com, and we can schedule a free 30-minute intro call.

Taking a break from performances and live readings

In May 2022, I chose to take an indefinite break from performing, live readings & talks of -both in person and online. My body asked for rest, so I listened. Until further notice, I am not doing any performances, readings, panel discussions, or public talks.

Slow | Simple | Ease

I am slowing down, simplifying and living with more ease. This means: I am doing less, to create more space and time for the people I love, the things I enjoy, and more rest. Being present: less time on my phone and more time actually being in the room. Saying Yes! to what I love, desire and dream of.