_____ in bloom is currently on a pause. it is in the process of developing into a different format. I am hoping it will be return in 2024, but for now, I am allowing it the process it needs to grow

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA  ✿  September & October, 2023

a walk through spring, with poems, the land and you....
over four Saturdays, we will walk and write in different wild and natural spaces throughout Cape Town. this is a gentle adventure, with the elements and some poems, to exhale, release the year, and rest.

the exhale & rest

the year has been long

come as you are, with all

you may be carrying

and lie down on the earth

there is nothing for you

to do or achieve. just allow

what is to be, and release

what you no longer need

so the seed that is you can bloom free

the poems
we will read some poems and we will write some poems

the elements
each week, we will work with one of the elements - fire, water, air, earth

the gentle adventure
each Wednesday at 9am, you will receive an email invitation to join me at a wild or natural space that Saturday morning.  it will share where we will meet, directions to get there, what to bring, and our focus for that week.  all natural spaces, will be in and around Cape Town.  you will need to be able to do a flat walk of 30 to 40 minutes at a gentle, comfortable pace.