an invitation

with this course, I offer you an invitation to soften. to lay down the pushing, striving, overwhelm, and over-doing that may be surrounding your writing. I invite you to remember a different way. a way of allowing. a way of ease. a way of moving in harmony with your innate rhythm: your womb’s menstrual cycle.

each of us has a rhythm that is wholly and uniquely ours. from the heart of Spring to mid-Summer’s night, we gather to relearn and remember this ancient womb wisdom, so that we can bring it to our writing practice and our writing projects.

in this 13-week course, we gently and slowly reconnect with our innate womb rhythms by

  • learning about the four different phases of our menstrual cycles and how each one impacts our energies and thus our creative practice
  • reflecting on our writing practice, to learn how we best like to write and create
  • bringing these two together, to design a writing practice in flow and sync with our menstrual cycles

who this course is for

Words in Womb Rhythm is designed for women writers. that is, women who already have an established writing practice and/or career; or women who are at the start, or in the process of establishing their writing practice and/or career. writing must already be a fundamental and foundational part of your daily life.

you do not have to be a professional full-time writer, but you must have some writing and writing practice experience. or, you must be ready to make a deeper commitment to your writing and writing practice.

how it works

we will meet once a week for a 2-hour live workshop. all sessions take place online via Zoom. this is where I will share/offer information on the womb and our menstrual cycles. sessions may or may not be recorded, depending on the nature of the workshop and what people are sharing, and if the group would like those discussions to be recorded or not.

there will also be daily writing, reflection & meditation practices for you to do —these are an important part of the process, as this is where you will connect with your womb and begin to learn your menstrual cycle.

what you receive

  • 14 live workshops
  • a course manual covering the four phases of the menstrual cycle & relevant womb information
  • daily & weekly journalling practices & audio meditations to complete in your own time
  • 1 x 1-hour individual session with me (to be taken at any time during the course)