where we grow writers, who grow words, that grow light

imagine a garden grown lush and dark enough, that fireflies feel safe to shine their lights

imagine how each light is a story waiting for enough deep listening to be heard

imagine how each firefly is a writer, waiting to feel
held enough to share their story with the world

this is The Firefly Garden, where I support writers to connect deeply with the inner wisdom of their hearts & bodies, and grow into who they truly are, so that they can write the stories they were born to write and share them with the world. this is done through a series of courses that support you in different ways.

our work is rooted in
πŸ’« deep listening β€”to one's self & the earth
πŸ’« creativity as an act of joy & healing
πŸ’« generosity
πŸ’« kindness
πŸ’« and magic

currently all courses are online, and I also offer 1:1 Creative Mentorship programmes. you can read about all of these below.