when last did your writing truly bring you joy?

when last did you sit down feeling excited, overflowing with energy & curiosity to write? then this energy flowed into your writing, and when you finished, you felt creatively replenished?

in the 2024 season of The Writer’s Oasis, our focus is on reconnecting with the joy of writing. Remembering why writing brings us joy, and then weaving that into our writing projects, with gentle daily practices.

The Writer’s Oasis is the place within each of us, where our writing lives. when we learn how to rest into this place and write from here, our writing practice becomes a source of nourishment in our daily lives.

in this 30-day online writing course, we develop a daily writing practice through slow and gentle consistency. using creative prompts, exercises, and meditation, we'll connect with The Writer's Oasis inside each of us. then, learn how to rest into it and write from there, in harmony with our logical/technical/critical mind.

this course is for people writing in any format or genre: journalists, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, authors, non-fiction writers, memoirists, bloggers, researchers, academic writers, those writing Masters of Phd theses, or anyone exploring writing for the first time

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 IMAGE:  Jeffrey Workman /unsplash

how the course works

we meet online for 30 mins per day, for 30 consecutive days. all workshops are recorded, and you will have lifetime access to the recordings so you can revisit them at any time.

in addition to the live workshops, you will receive 30 creative prompts that you can also use as ways into your writing.


The Writer's Oasis is designed as an intentional 30-day journey to support you to connect deeply with your Writer's Oasis and your writing project. each day builds on the work done before. another fundamental part of the course is making this journey together in community. while we write and create individually, we are doing so in community with other writers.

because of this, it is important to ensure that you can make all (or most) of the live class dates. It is also important to create space in your life for the month, to truly show up for, and commit, to your writing practice.

a word from previous participants