this blog starts a long time ago

this blog starts a long time ago

Friday July 28, 2023 | Kenya

this blog starts a long time ago. it is taking this form in this moment, but the stories I will share here, are ones that I have lived over many years.

the choice to create this blog, is a step towards opening my throat; to reach deep down into the centre of me and say what I have been too afraid to say. or what I thought no one would care to hear. or what I thought didn’t matter.

but something deep inside me keeps gently whispering that it is time to speak. so here I am.

I intend for these words to come from a place of power, even as I may share moments and experiences of learning through pain or loss, hurt or old wounds. I intend for these words to gently carve a space where the beauty of listening, and stillness hold us all. where the deep quiet of Love holds space for all that has lived in shame to step out and be set free.

I don’t know where writing this will take me, I only know it is time to share. I intend to share stories of my ongoing journey back to my womb, to my heart, to my voice: the journey of softening back into myself.

softening my shoulders, until the right shoulder pain is finally healed softening my jaw when I realise that I’m clenching it again

softening my hips and lower back, so tight with holding on

softening my heart

this blog is a meandering, a thinking out loud, a place for me to share as I learn, to share in the process of discovering

I am learning how to listen from a different place

I am learning how to write from a different place

I imagine, there may be stories of the land and the sea

there may be stories of the place and people who grew me

there may be stories of my writing journey and my teaching

mostly, I intend for this to be a place where I think out loud, and share for the joy of sharing and the gift of connecting with you, through words

and, to create moments of peace and quiet reflection.

I write my way through my life: I have always written my way through life,

I write to create my life,

now I am writing to soften all the last parts of me, still holding on to the protective armours I created

so that the Little Girl in me, who always believed in magic,

even when the world around her, told her she was naive, or wrong, or too trusting, or too sensitive,

can live freely.

welcome. I feel both excited and terrified to begin this journey. I hope as I share, you will be inspired to reflect on your own journey and story, and share them with me too.