our lives move in cycles and seasons, both literally and figuratively. each year, we move from summer to autumn, from winter to spring. the current system we live in, means that we may not lean in to each season adequately. also, we may feel the seasons change as temperatures drop, or the daylight grows, but do we stop to truly tune in, to each season's rhythm and energy, to receive its wisdom?

in our lives, we move through cycles and change too –from grief to growth; we may become parents, or step into new jobs. our lives are often so fast, and the pace of life, demands we move on to the next thing. but when we turn into these changes with care and attention, what becomes possible?

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equinoxes and solstices mark the turning of the seasons, according to the sun's position. poems like seasons also have turns... a poetic turn, is the moment in a poem, where the idea, thought or trajectory takes a new direction. in sonnets, they are called voltas; in traditional Japanse haiku, they have kireji, or "cutting words" –when placed in the middle of the haiku they mark a change in the first and second thought. in other places, the turn in a poem has also been called a fulcrum.

in this workshop series, we work with poetic turns and the seasons, to explore how we move with change in the world around us and within us. each workshop takes place around an
equinox or solstice. we will read, learn about, and create a different kind of poetic turn in each workshop. while they are designed as a series, they also work as stand-alone sessions. you are
welcome to attend one, or all.

in order to work with the relevant seasons, I am holding separate sessions for people based in the Southern Hemiphere and Northern Hemisphere.

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southern hemisphere

 IMAGE:  Aneta Hartmannova /unsplash

in the southern hemisphere, we journey from autumn through to summer. we start in March, on the autumn equinox, and journey through winter in June, spring in September and end on the summer solsitce in December. our journey moves inwards as we turn towards winter and then back outwards as we emerge into full expression in summer

northern hemisphere

 IMAGE:  Red Zeppelin /unsplash

in the northern hemisphere, our journey beginnings with the fresh crisp air of spring. we move into the full expression of summer, through the turning in autumn and end in the deep quiet at the heart of winter. 


per workshop

R400 per workshop

this includes a recording of the session, for you to return to at your own time

the workshops are designed as a series, but they also work as stand-alone sessions. you are welcome to book as many as you like.

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R1,300 for all four workshops
if you book and pay by Thursday March 28th

this includes recordings of all four workshops for you to return to at your own time

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